Clare Crawley- Hairstylist is The Bachelorette Season 16

Clare Crawley

Meet Clare Crawley! the sexy California stylist; who competed against several stunning women trying to win Juan Pablo Galavis’s heart, at the 18th season of The Bachelor. Claire is also the next Bachelorette for the 2020 season which marks season 16 of the television show.

Let’s go back to when Clare Crawley had her alone time with Juan Pablo Galavis during the second episode of The Bachelor; it was pretty obvious she was upset to see Juan Pablo having the same connection she sensed they had with the other girls. But when she had the time to tell him about her feelings she spoke her mind; leaving Juan Pablo in a very difficult position.

Let’s not forget Clare Crawley was the girl who made a grand entrance from that limo on the first episode of the Bachelor; by grand entrance, it was that memorable Preggo entrance with a major fake baby bump.

Clare Crawley hairstylist the bachelor fake pregnant bellyClare Crawley hairstylist the bachelor pregnant belly

The rest of the girls are aware Clare has come to the competition to win; the question if you think she has what it takes to win, or is she the woman Juan Pablo is looking for to spend the rest of his life with and be a good mother figure to his daughter?

Clare Crawley hairstylist the bachelor photos

38-year-old Clare Crawley from Sacramento, California is a stylist at the Sacramento based beauty saloon Mecca Salon; where Clare’s specialty is color and men’s haircuts.

clare crawley the bachelor stylist clare crawley the bachelor stylist pic

Pretty Claire was the runner of the bachelor 18, Juan Pablo’s final rose went to Nikki Ferrell, a pediatric nurse from Kearney, Missouri.

Ms. Crawley subsequently appeared on Bachelor in Paradise season 1 and two as well as Bachelor Winter Games.

Claire was announced as the new Bachelorette (season 16) on Good Morning America on March 2, 2020.

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