Chrystie Scott: Bruce Jenner’s First Wife


Following the mind-blowing interview former athlete turned reality TV star, Bruce Jenner gave Diane Sawyer, people close to him have started to talk about their reaction.

64-year-old Chrystie Scott, Bruce’s first wife and mother of his two oldest children, was the first person that the Olympic champion confided in, he admitted in his 20/20 interview on Friday night.


Chrystie Crownover became Mrs. Jenner  when the couple were tied the knot in 1972–1981, they split after nine years of marriage.

Chrystie said during a Good Morning America interview, she was honored Bruce revealed to her his dark secret after being married for only a year; at the same time she said to be in total shock because she said he was such a manly man!


Chrystie, an interior designer has kept a close relationship with the father of her children. Since last year, following Bruce’s change of appearance, she has been very supportive and saying she just wants him to be happy. According to reports Chrystie knows Bruce better than anyone.

According to a 1996 People Magazine article: “Bruce and Chrystie, a minister’s daughter, were students at Graceland College in Lamoni, Iowa, when they met in 1968. A football player and track star, he decided to focus on the Olympics. After they wed in 1972, Chrystie supported him by working as a flight attendant and doing what she could “to remove the clutter from his life: Get the bills paid, and no emotional hassles at home. After Bruce captured the gold in 1976, she says, “he didn’t sleep all night. He would get up and walk around naked with the medal around his neck, beaming and flexing.”

Out of the marriage they have two children: 34-year-old daughter Cassandra “Cassie” Lynn Jenner and 36-year-old son Burt Jenner.


Daughter Cassandra is currently married to Michael Marino, Chrystie and Bruce are grandparents to Cassie’s two children, daughters Francesca and Isabella.



Son Burton is currently in a relationship with Val Pitalo.



Chystie’s son, Burt followed into his father’s love for sports.


He is a Ford’s Octane Academy 2 Champ Driver of Gladiator Tire Stadium Super Truck 2014 X-games Driver/Athlete Driver of the Gladiator Tire Polaris RZR. You can find him on Twitter here.


Chrystie now resides in the Southern California area. She re-married to second husband a lawyer named Robert but is now divorced from him.

1981, Bruce Jenner got married for second time with Linda Thompson, with whom he had two sons, Brandon and Brody. They divorced in 1985.