Christine Gibson Actor Thomas Gibson’s Wife

Christine Gibson

Christine Gibson is the long time wife of TV star actor and director, Thomas Gibson. Her 54-year-old hubby is a well known personality, specially thanks to his role on long running series, Criminal Minds.

Recent reports say her hubby has been suspended for at least one and likely two episodes after a physical altercation with a writer-producer on the set of the CBS crime drama.

Rumors say things got ugly between her hubby –who allegedly kicked co-executive producer Virgil Williams. As a result Gibson has been written off the episodes during the suspension, and production on the show continues.

Gibson is an original Criminal Minds cast member, playing Special Agent Aaron Hotchner since the series’ 2005 debut.


Christine Gibson a San Antonio native,  met her hubby in one of the most romantic cities in the world, Paris. The couple tied the knot in 1993 when he was 31-years-old.

Christine Gibson is the mother of the couple’s three children. She first gave birth to son James Parker, born in 1999. Christine Gibson and Thomas became second time parents in 2002 when son Travis Carter was born. The family of four welcomed, third child, daughter Agatha Marie, in 20024.

Christine and the children reside in Texas. Despite the distance of LA, they family makes it work. During an interview, Thomas revealed he travels often to be with his family but prefers it that way. While he might not be there all the time, he makes sure his wife and children are not completely on their own, being close to their in-laws and relatives.

However it hasn’t been all happiness for the couple. In 2013 reports surfaced that Christine’s husband had been cheating on her. Thomas quickly denied the cheating instead, it was revealed the actor was reportedly the victim of a catfisher who introduced herself on Twitter and posed as a **** star to entice him into a two-year online relationship.

It was also reported he and Christine Gibson were in fact separated. The couple allegedly still leaves together for the children but have been separated since about 2011.

Accoridng to her IMDb page, Christine was born in 1966. The former actress had acting roles, including the 1983 film, Octopussy. The current status of the couple is not clear.

You can check out her husband on Instagram here.