Chelsie Webster- Science Educator and Contestant at The Bachelor [PHOTOS]


Chelsie Webster Juan Pablo Galavis

Meet Chelsie Webster, she is a  stunning science educator and one of the pretty contestants at the 18th season of the Bachelor, Do you think Juan Pablo Galavis would chose Chelsie? Why don’t we figure out who she is?

Chelsie Webster the Bachelor photo

24-year-old Chelsie Rene Webster Sherfey from Lexington, Ohio, is the daughter of John Webster and Sue Sherfey Webster. Ms. Webster has three handsome brothers John, Jansen and Jared.

Chelsie Webster the Bachelor  picsChelsie Webster the Bachelor-pic

Chelsie graduated in 2007 from Lexington High School, in 2011 she received  her bachelor’s degree in psychology and master’s degree in early childhood education in 2012 from The Ohio State University.

Chelsie Webster who prove how brave she is when she went out Bungee jumping with JP,  works as a Supervisor of After School Education Partnership and Programming at the Center of Science and Industry (COSI).

Chelsie Webster the Bachelor  pic

Chelsie Webster the Bachelor pictures

Chelsie’s mom is a dental hygienist, 1989 Ohio State University graduate, her dad is a dentist, who posted photos of what it seemed to be her wisdom tooth surgery in 2009, I told you she was brave, all 4 at the same time!!

Chelsie Webster the Bachelor-picsChelsie Webster the Bachelor-photo

Chelsie Webster the Bachelor-photos

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