Charlie Denihan- Denihan Hospitality Group Heir


We are sadden to inform, 29-year-old Charlie Deniham, heir to the Denihan Hospitality Group fortune, was found dead in his Union Square West home Sunday evening, law enforcement sources told the New York Post.

Born into a wealthy family, he was the son of Patrick Deniham who runs the Denihan Hospitality Group –The firm’s holdings include The James and Affinia Hotels, as well as the tony Surrey, The Mansfield and Shoreham in New York City. According to the page’s summary DHG is a full service hotel management and development company built upon a successful 50-year foundation in real estate, guest service, and asset management.

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Charlie Denihan grew up in privilege, attending St. David’s Catholic school, where annual tuition is about $40,000, Deerfield Academy and Cornell University 2008 graduate.

Charlie and his three other siblings were raised inside a hotel, during an interview his father said

Years ago my wife and I raised our four children in one of our hotels. At that time it was called the Lyden House — it was a 70-room hotel on East 53rd Street. We sold the property years ago. It was more of an apartment hotel. It was interesting for our kids to grow up in that environment.


Among his different job positions he was a 2007 intern at Sonnenblick-Goldman, in 2009 he was CEO at

Vokoder FM –a a web application that enables you to manage, mesh, and discover music. That same year he was also Consultant- Partner at –helping to scale online business through design, development, social media and consulting.

He was a management trainee at his family’s firm, as well as co-founder of the company Silverlake to Soho, which helps promote musicians, according to his LinkedIn page.

The Ivy league grad is believed to have lost his life, due to a drug overdose. Denihan lived life to the fullest, one of the mottos on his account says, “I’m a bad influence but … damn I’m fun!!!”

His instagram reads

Hotels, Travel, NYC, Sports (Gmen), Music, Web Development, and Fun…best not be allergic to fun

His last tweet was March 11th. The shaken family released a statement saying:

“We are devastated at the tragic and sudden loss of Charlie. He was a loving and remarkable son, brother, nephew, cousin, Godfather and friend. In this tragic time, we ask that you remember him in your prayers and respect our privacy as we mourn his passing.”

The handsome heir to  his family business, was frequently photographed at society events and although so far, there is no official word on him being married or him even being involved in a romantic relationship with anyone, according to the NY post  he dated Jules Kirby.

Our prayers go out to his family.