Chad and Elizabeth Grier- Hayes Grier’s Parents

Meet Chad and Elizabeth Grier

Chad and Elizabeth Grier are the proud parents of Vine and YouTube personality Hayes Grier! Their son will be doing much more than posting videos now that he’ll be joining season 21 of “Dancing With The Stars.”

Chad and Elizabeth Grier are not together anymore but during their marriage they became the parents of three sons: Will, Nash and Hayes.

It appears the couple’s children were born to be famous, eldest son Will, born April 3, 1995 is an American football quarterback for the Florida Gators while Nash, who was born December 28, 1997 gained national attention for his Vine videos in 2013.

Hayes born June 8, 2000, began making Vines with his older brother Nash, but since striking out on his own he has climbed to the top 50 of the Vine charts. At just 15, he boasts a huge following on social media, with four million followers on Vine and 2.93 million on Twitter.

The brother’s also have one half-sister Skylynn Floyd.


47-year-old Chad, was born John Chad Grier. He is currently a partner at 26MGMT –a celebrity and talent management business. According to his LinkedIn, before 26MGMT, he worked for Sprint as a Director Business Sales and Services, he also worked for Bluestar/Covad, was the CEO at META Security Group, a VP at Ocwen Financial Corporation, a Senior Account Exec at EMC Corporation and a head football coach for Davidson Day School.

You can find him on Instagram here.


 Elizabeth Grier is currently married to John Floyd. The 46-year-old was born Elizabeth Whitaker, she and her current hubby reside in Mooresville, NC. Together they have one daughter, Skylynn Elizabeth Floyd.


The mom of four, reveals on social media she is very involved in “fitness & over the last 9 years I have found nutrition is my passion.” She is also a JuicePlus distributor.


Both Chad and his ex-wife Elizabeth have quite the audience on their social media accounts, the ex-couple has gotten much attention following the success of their kids.

Her little girl, Skylynn is also following into the steps of social media stardom, check out her FB page here.

You can find Elizabeth on Twitter here, Instagram here.