Carmen Ortega- LeBron James’ Alleged mistress talks about his night with Justin Bieber


Model and designer, Carmen Ortega, known for her curvaceous figure, racy photos and her never ending battle against Kim K, on who has the most voluptuous booty and who was the best lover to Reggie Bush is now making the headlines but this time talking about Justin Bieber?

What the curvy Latina and the 19-year-old pop star have in common? Well apparently they hanged out together early Tuesday at a strip club during a birthday party for his friend. On Thursday, after the pop star’s arrest, she said the clean-cut Canadian crooner was just a

‘normal dude.’ The model said, ‘He’s just doing what any teenager would do if they were a star with lots of money.’

Better than getting an interview with Barbara Walters, Ortega got the singer to spill the beans about his current status; Ortega seemed to be very moved by the recent events surrounding the teen star; the two shared a heart to heart talk and she reveals the Bievs is sad! She said

“Justin says he feels under so much pressure,” “He really cares what people say. He was saying that all this attention is ruining his career. He was really sad.

The 30-year-old Ortega said she could relate to Bieber’s concerns about public misconceptions. And she certainly can relate to the scandal.

During an interview Ortega who has been linked to Reggie, Lebron and Jason Derulo, maintained her innocence, claiming she learned from her experience with Reggie Bush how to spot the signs of a cheater and that kept her from becoming physical with Lebron. About Derulo she said they were only friends and working together but she threw the bomb saying she would tell Jordin Sparks (Jason Derulo’s girl) to stay away! Carmen definitely knows how to stir things up in becoming major drama!



Ortega has been featured as a model in FHM Magazine (Spain & US), Maxim Magazine (US), Smooth Magazine, Sun Magazine (UK), and the cover model for Black Men’s Magazine.


The bombshell has also been featured in multiple music videos and is also a international recording artist with her singles “Satisfaction” and “Party Life.”

Most recently she’s been working to release her very own line of lingerie, “Bella Carmen Lingerie.”

Would you defend Bieber like Carmen has done??