Brittany Penebre- L’Wren Scott’s assistant Who Found Her Hanged

brittany-penebre-assistant Meet Brittany Ann Penebre, she has been identified by online reports, as the late fashion designer –L’Wren Scott’s assistant, also the one person who found Scott’s lifeless body yesterday.

We are sadden to hear the news of her boss, glamorous fashion designer L’Wren Scott who took her own life by using a scarf to hang herself from a doorknob Monday in her Manhattan apartment.

The fashion industry is certainly dressed in black with the sudden news of Scott’s death. Brittany’s boss was also highly recognized for being the girlfriend of the Rolling Stone’s front man, Mick Jagger for over a decade. Brittany made the baffling discovery following a text message from Scott telling her to “come by” her ninth-floor duplex on 11th Avenue and West 24th Street; The NY post reports. The 49-year-old texted around 8:30 a.m. telling her assistant, Brittany to be there at 10 a.m. Penebre arrived right on time in an elevator that opens directly into the luxurious apartment, and found Scott hanging from the L-shaped handle. Brittany called 911.   Penebre was born on April 1985. Relatives include Dylan Penebre and Terry Penebre. brittany-penebre According to her LinkedIn profile Penebre studied at University of Westminster in 2006, also attended the SUNY Fashion Institute of Technology, School of Business and Technology New graduating with a Bachelor of Science, Advertising and Marketing Communications in 2008. Her summary reads

A dedicated and driven manager with a superb eye for style, visual composition and attention to details. Has a great knowledge of traditional and recent trends in the fashion world and is experienced working with well known Stylists, Fashion Editors & A-List Celebrities in brand placements. Possesses excellent interpersonal, communication and negotiation skills and the ability to develop and maintain beneficial relationships both internally and externally. Enjoys being part of and managing a motivated, hardworking and productive team that thrives in challenging work environments.

According to records she worked at Mary Lally Associates as a Public Relations & Marketing Intern in 2006. Then she moved to The Bromley Group as an account coordinator. In 2009 she was a Stylist Assistant for Cristina Ehrlich. The 28-year-old freelance fashion stylist started working for L’Wren Scott in 2012 in charge of Style and Events then in February 2013 she was named Marketing Manager. Her top skills include fashion, styling, event planning, editorial, public relations, fashion shows, photo shoots, trend forecasting among others. She is linked to groups including, Fashion Buzz Marketers, Fashion Institute of Technology, POSHGLAM, The Business of Fashion. She currently resides in Carmel, NY. and her twitter account has been deleted. You can find her on Facebook here.