Brando Murphy- Eddie Murphy’s Alleged Son



Meet Brando Murphy! The alleged son of 52-year-old actor, Eddie Murphy. Now, this might come to a shock but then again with actors and their crazy lives you never know! Back in the day Eddie Murphy had several romantic links and Brando might just be the result of one of those crazy nights! But wait a minute! Brando has never said Eddie is his father! So what is going on here?

According to TMZ Brando who is in fact a stand up comic, says he’ll sue Eddie for defamation if he continues what he calls a campaign of intimidation. This comes after Eddie’s attorney fired off several threatening letters to Brando Murphy, claiming the comedian has all but advertised on a sandwich board that he’s Eddie’s offspring.

But Brando insists, he’s never presented himself as Eddie’s son and calling Eddie’s accusations “vile, base, contemptible, miserable, wretched and loathsome.”

On the site thunderhusemedia, we found some of Brando’s work. The site talks about a movie in which he stars. Can you guess what the movie is about? Yup, Eddie Murphy’s life.


Brando Murphy delivers a dead-on portrayal of entertainment superstar Eddie Murphy that more than rivals Jamie Foxx’s Oscar-winning performance as Ray Charles in “Ray.” “Eddie” is the extraordinary story of comedy Icon Eddie Murphy, who has smashed box office records, concert records, made hit music and single-handedly saved “Saturday Night Live.” “EDDIE” gives movie fans an inside look at the dominant box office star of the 80’s.This film is an instant classic.

Just like his very famous “father” Brando is also very popular with the ladies. On his instagram we found a few pictures with his girl, and several other girls.


According to Eddie Murphy’s lawyer some of the things Brando has done to make people believe he is in fact Eddie’s son include showing up at the Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf Eddie frequents and screaming, “My father won’t talk to me!”
According to his Facebook, Brando attended Piper High School in Sunrise, Florida and currently resides in L.A.

On his twitter account you can read

“THE NEXT MAN UP Entertainer”

What do you think of his story? This looks like a man who wants to be as funny as his idol.

Find him on Facebook here and on twitter here.

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