Blake Coward: Duck Dynasty/ DWTS Contestant Sadie Robertson’s Boyfriend

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Meet the talented, handsome and very lucky Blake Coward, he is the boyfriend of Sadie Robertson, Duck Dynasty star and contestant on dancing With the Stars. Want to meet him?

One of the many things that we adore about 17-year-old Sadie is that she shines on her own, she could easily, sit and relax and do her famous family do all the work, but she doesn’t, she works and studies hard.

Sadie a current student at Quachita Christian Academy,  is a Youtuber, fashion designer and singer. Ms. Robertson was presented on Good Morning America as  one of the famous celebrities dancing on this new season of Dancing With the Stars, her partner is no other than the amazing Mark Ballas!!

Certainly  her family and friends will be cheering her up every week, but there is also a certain gentleman quite important for Sadie who will also show his support.

That is Blake Coward, Sadie Robertson’s boyfriend!!

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18-year-old Blake Coward was born on May 8, 1996 in Madison, Alabama, he is the handsome son of Wendy Robinson Coward and Mr. Coward. Blake has two beautiful sisters Mallory and Tori.

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Blake graduated from Piedmont High School and is currently a senior at Madison Academy.

Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend picsPin

Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend picturePin

Mr. Coward is an excellent athlete (softball, football) and he has been since his high school years when he played softball, he and his teammates became  the 2014 State Champions.

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Blake and Sadie met at one of Madison’s softball Games, since several of Sadie’s cousins are students at the Academy..

“I asked her on a date later,” said Coward. “It went great and then I visited her in Louisiana about a month later and we have been dating for three months now.”

Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend-picsPin Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend-picturesPin Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend-picturePin
Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend-photoPin

That was last year, Sadie went with Blake to Madison Academy prom night, they tweeted photos of the event and they went viral!!!

Blake Coward Sadie Robertson boyfriend_picturePinSadie Robertson boyfriend Blake Coward picPin

Sadie Robertson boyfriend Blake Coward picsPin

You can find Blake Coward on Twitter here