Blaine Spesak: Actress Jessica Williams’ Boyfriend

Jessica williams boyfriend blaine Spesak_pics

Meet photographer Blaine Spesak, he is the loving and caring boyfriend of actress Jessica Williams, who  some people think could be Jon Stewart’s replacement on The Daily Show.

25-year-old Jessica Williams is the California born actress and comedian who currently resides in chilly New york City where she is a correspondent for the Daily Show. Also in New york is Jessica’s talented boyfriend Blaine Spesak.

24-year-old Blaine Michael Spesak from Valencia, California, the son of John and Pamela Spesak; holds a  bachelor of fine arts and photography from the School of Visual Arts from where he graduated in 2014.

In 2012, Blaine Spesak  was an intern at Hearst, he was later a freelance assistant at Sam Kaplan Photography, and also at Darrin Haddad Photography. Since last April Spesak has been studio manage at Carlton Davis Photography.

You an find Blaine on Twitter here.