Ayelet Argaman: Actress Suing Baby Daddy Beachwold Residential President Robert Rothenberg


Israeli singer, songwriter and actress Ayelet Argaman “Aya” is in a nasty battle with her former married lover! She is telling the world her former boyfriend Robert Rothenberg is a vindictive ‘scorned lover who has taken the break up badly,’

The blonde singer is suing millionaire Robert Rothenberg for trying to evict her from a luxury Manhattan apartment, he bought to impress her, court documents say according to the media reports.


35-year-old Argaman was born in Haifa, Israel. As a child Ayelet studied singing, piano, flute, jazz dancing and even karate. She began singing competitively from eight years of age in a school choir as well as in local contests in her home town of Haifa.


According to her IMDb profile Ayelet moved to the U.S. in the fall of 1999 and began studying at the Lee Strasburg Institute. She carried the east coast campaign for Azores Eyewear, in commercials that appeared for over two years and in 2005 made her TV debut in “Law & Order Criminal Intent”


She is also googd friends with former U.S. president Bill Clinton, she personally interviewed him for CNN and New York 1.



According to her Facebook she currently resides in New York, on religious views she listed “super Jewish” In case you haven’t heard her singing, you can watch the video below.


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