Autumn Radtke – American Bitcoin Firm CEO


Why would a brilliant, beautiful and successful young lady would take her own life? That is the question many must be trying to answer about the sudden death of Bitcoin CEO Autumn Radtke.

The 28-year-old over-achiever was found dead on her Singapore home, February 28th. Reports online say authorities believe she committed suicide but they are still waiting for toxicology test results to determine the exact cause of death.
Could it be her passing is connected to the crisis-ridden bitcoin currency following the collapse of the Japanese-based Mt Gox exchange last week? autumn-radtke

According to profile found online, Autumn began her career in enterprise cloud computing. She worked closely with Apple to bring Aqua Connect, a Mac based distributed computing software to organizations like Johns Hopkins, Los Alamos Labs and the Aerospace Corporation.


She eventually turned down an opportunity to work at Apple to stay in the fast paced world of technology start-ups.


In 2008, Autumn joined the founding team of Geodelic, a pioneer in mobile location based services. Geodelic went on to raise over 10 million dollars from top tier venture funds. Autumn led global business development and forged partnerships T-mobile, Korea Telecom, Dell, and Verizon Wireless. The Verizon partnership also led to a strategic investment.

She followed many influencers including Richard Branson, Deepak Chopra, Jason Calacanis, Jon Steinberg and Derek Handley.


Autumn became interested in gaming while working in the mobile space discovering the games on mobile devices were out performing every other type of content. She joined the new Xifre in April of 2011 where she assisted in fund raising from Intel Ventures to spin the company out of Titan gaming and now lead business development and strategic relationships before joining First Meta as CEO in 2012.

Autumn was close to entrepreneur and former child actor, Brock Pierce; the two of them were pictured many times, we are not sure if they were in a relationship though.



Radke had been living in Singapore for over a year, since she was recruited by prominent Singapore based investor Douglas Abrams.


You can see more of her impressive resume on LinkedIn here, there is no doubt she was one of the influential in the in digital banking and virtual currency.