Ariane Bellamar- Tech Tycoon Patrick Henry’s Girlfriend


What was supposed to be a quiet getaway involving Entropic’s president and CEO, Mr. Patrick Henry and reality star, gorgeous Ariane Bellamar turned into Bellamar’s worst nightmare!

Reports online indicate the two of them were involved in some kind of relationships that left her bruised and traumatized!

Bellamar claims she was assaulted by Mr. Henry on the second night to their trip to Utah. According to her claims he had drank heavily and after she retreat to the home he came after and the incident happened.

Radaronline, reports

“I was woken up by Patrick dragging me by the hair and throwing me into the garage. He was screaming at me, accusing me of deliberately locking him out of the house.”

The doctors at Santa Barbara Cottage Hospital diagnosed Bellamar with “stress reaction to recent assault,” as well as “multiple strain, contusions and abrasions,” including hand sprain and shoulder sprain.

Now, that the stunning blonde is going public with the incident, she has received two text messages from Henry. The first, a calm Patrick telling her he would ignore emails from the media, but the second, a much more threatening tone.


Ariane is a Breakout Star of ABC Family’s “Beverly Hills Nannies,” but she is no stranger to being the focus of attention. Included on Ariane’s resume is being a Playboy bunny (not to be confused with a Playboy playmate – no nudity required).

Ariane was born June 27th, 1984. Originally from Canada, Ariane modeled locally in Toronto before moving westward to pursue both acting and modeling on a professional level in Los Angeles. She is the proud mama of Emma Bellamar, who was born in 2008.

As far as we know, she is married to millionaire real estate mogul Barry Pettitt who was also featured in the reality show.


If the 29-year-old blonde beauty decided to go public with the horror story, she must have nothing to hide right!

Police have confirmed they’re investigating an incident, although no charges have yet been filed.

You can find her on Facebook here or follow her on twitter here. And you can see a full list of her TV and Film credits here.