Angie Simpson – Cody Simpson’s Mother

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Today in Dancing With Stars, Cody Simpson dedicated his dance to his amazing family, who gave up everything for his career, luckily that one went well!! In the audience, cheering for Cody were his Alli, brother Tom and his parents Brad watching  on t.v  but his beautiful mother Angie Simpson could hardly hold the tears.

Cody Simpson family pic

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As you all Cody Simpson’s fan already know Cody is the eldest child of the three born to Mr. Brad Simpson and his  stunning wife Angie Simpson, after Cody, his sister Alli was born and then the little prince Tom.

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Some of you  probably now that Cody rise to stardom began when he posted videos of him  singer and playing his guitar, it is because of his loyal fans that Cody became famous, his parents knew he had what it took to  become famous, the little boy who dreamt about becoming famous could actually be  a famous singer, so in order to reach that dream, they needed money, the problem was that they didn’t have any.

Cody explained on DWTS that his parent didn’t hesitate in selling their house, quit their jobs and focus on him and his career.  Angie and Brad Simpson have been married for 19 amazing years.

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I think that I can  speak for you  when I say that we are all very proud of Cody and everything he has accomplish, can you imagine how much prouder are his parents!!

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