Amanda Schutz: Dustin Diamond’s girlfriend?

Amanda Schutz Dustin Diamond

Former Saved by the Bell actor, Dustin Diamond has been jailed following a bar fight and in which he allegedly stabbed a man, who was being rude towards Dustin and his girlfriend Amanda Schutz.


According to TMZ reports, officers located 37-year-old Dustin and his girlfriend Amanda Marie Schutz, 27,  in his car some time later; the knife was found in his ride and Dustin and Amanda Schutz who –also pushed someone during the fight –were booked on a disorderly conduct charge!


What do we know about Dustin Diamond’s ex-girlfriends?? He was allegedly in a long time relationship with Jennifer Misner, whom he met at Arby’s while Diamond was on tour in Pennsylvania and is described as his wife in some articles.


They have known each other for over a decade and she even stood by him during his alleged 2006 sex tape scandal.



During an interview following the embarrassing passage of 2006, Jennifer describes herself more of a handler, manager, agent, publicist, booker, and, at this most festive time of year, buyer of Christmas bouquets for the neighbors.

Dustin’s charges include endangering someone’s life after brandishing a switchblade, reckless endangerment and carrying a concealed weapon.


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