Amanda Catherine Hein woman who left Newborn in sports pub’s bathroom toilet

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So may horrifying stories nowadays; the woman in the picture is 26-year-old Amanda Hein and she also has done her share of unthinkable horrors. The young woman from Allentown, Penn. allegedly hid her pregnancy from family and friends and delivered a healthy baby boy at Starters Pub on Aug. 18 before rejoining her male friends and watching a pay-per-view wrestling match!

What happened to her new born baby you ask? Well Amanda Catherine Hein is accused of abandoning him to die in the restaurant’s toilet, she was charged on Monday with the baby’s death.

Amanda is the daughter of Louiseann Hein and Dale R. Hein. On Facebook her mother states that she is a happy grandmother of two children, that she is separated and unemployed so taking one day at a time. According to Amanda’s own Facebook, she might be in a relationship with the guy in the picture who goes by the name of Miguel and she also might be already a mother to the little girl, also found in her photos.

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It’s hard to think this woman already being a mother would now be facing the death penalty for killing her own newborn! Nevertheless she did! Amanda’s hometown is Coopersburg, Pennsylvania but she currently resides in Allentown; according to authorities, before suffocating the newborn with a trash bag and hiding its body in a toilet tank, Hein excuse herself to go to the bathroom and didn’t come back after 40 minutes then stained in blood she just asked her guy friend to ignore it!

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She managed to give birth, kill her baby, return to her party to finish watching the wrestling and only after she left the bar workers made the horrifying discovery in the women’s bathroom. The owner said it wasn’t hard to link the abandoned fetus to the mother  because of large amounts of blood discovered on the booth she and three male friends were in.

Amanda who reportedly lives with her grandmother had no clue of what was going on! She is being held at the Northampton County Prison without bail. A preliminary hearing is scheduled for Sep. 5
You can find her on Facebook here.