Meet Leopoldo Lopez’s Wife Lilian Tintori

lilian tintori

Lilian Tintori Meet Lilian Tintori; she is the beautiful and loving wife of Leopoldo Lopez; the Venezuelan activist, former Mayor of Chacao and since 2014 a political prisoner. Leopoldo López turned himѕеlf in tо thе authorities аftеr соming оut оf hiding tо …

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5 Facts about Devin Patrick Kelley’s ex-Wife Tessa Kelley

Tessa Kelley

Tessa Kelley Tessa Kelley aka Tessa Brennaman, is the young ex-wife of Devin Patrick Kelley, the 26-year-old gunman who opened fire at First Baptist Church in Sutherland Springs, killing 24 people. According to his Linkedin profile, Kelley described himself as serving in …

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Apple Jony Ive’s Wife Heather Pegg Ive

Heather Pegg Ive

 Heather Pegg Ive Meet Heather Peg Ive; she is the wife of Jonathan Ive, Apple’s Chief Design officer known as Jony Ive is, in addition, the British industrial designer and Chancellor of the Royal College of Art. Heather’s husband Jony Ive …

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Sydney Davis Bush Billy Bush’s Wife

Sydney Davis Bush

Sydney Davis Bush Sydney Davis Bush is the wife of Billy Bush, Access Hollywood host, co-host of the Today Show and nephew of former US President George H.W Bush. Before we get to Sydney Bush’s story allow us to tell you …

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Jennifer Worland Ron Lester’s Girlfriend

Jennifer Worland

Jennifer Worland Jennifer Worland is the girlfriend and who would have been the wife of actor Ron Lester who passed away at the age of 45 on June 17, 2016. Ron became known for his role as Billy Bob in …

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