Is Dominick Brascia Corey Haim’s Sexual abuser?

Is Dominick Brascia Corey Haim's Sexual abuser?

Dominick Brascia Dominick Brascia has been pointed out as the man who allegedly abused late actor, Corey Haim. We all remember Haim, the Canadian-born actor became a Hollywood teen star of the 1980s. He became as famous for his struggles …

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Courtney Anne Mitchell – Corey Feldman’s girlfriend

Courtney Anne Mitchell

Meet Courtney Anne Mitchell Courtney Anne Mitchell is the beautiful model girlfriend of 44-year-old actor, Corey Feldman. Courtney and her man will appear in tonight’s episode of Celebrity Wife Swap! Feldman has been married twice, first to actress Vanessa Marcil …

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Sheila Feldman- Corey Feldman’s Mother

  What a life Corey Feldman has had. And I don’t mean that in a good way. Sure, he had much success as a child actor, but he had terrible experiences too. Corey Scott Feldman was born on July 16, …

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