Where are Tiger Woods’s Mistresses Now?

Tiger Woods

Is pretty good to be Tiger Woods these days, the 43-year-old professional golfer is in a steady relationship with girlfriend, Erica Herman; he also made history earlier this year, winning the 2019 Masters –making him one of the greatest comeback stories ever.

However, there was a time when Woods literally wanted to crawl into a hole and never come out. It was nearly a decade ago when everything came crushing down. During the thanksgiving of 2009, the National Enquirer revealed Tiger’s cheating scandal. He not only lost his credibility but also his family. It was revealed then that Tiger –a consecrated golfer –was addicted to painkillers, sleeping pills and sex.

He was living recklessly, hooking up with **** stars and keeping a regular girlfriend, secret from his wife, Elin. His indiscretions were revealed by a number of women and Elin –the mother of his two sons –eventually divorced him. Check out below some of the women linked to the pro-golfer.

#1 Rachel Uchitel

Rachel is often described as Woods’ mistress number one. It was Uchitel who answered the phone when Tiger’s wife was on the other side.

#2 Jamiee Grubbs

She is a former waitress who has bragged about her near three-year affair with Tiger Woods.

#3 Lindsey Von

The skiing beauty dated Woods a few years after his divorced was finalized

#4 Laci Somers

Laci and Woods were linked after they were caught hanging at a party

#5 Jamie Jungers

Jungers confessed that she had spent a night with Tiger.

#6 Kalika Moquin

Las Vegas nightclub manager, Kalika Moquin neither confirmed nor denied an affair with Tiger Woods.

#7 Cori Rist

Cori Rist became yet another one of Tiger’s ladies after she too fell for his sob story of marriage problems.

#8 Mindy Lawton

Mindy carried on a year-long fling with Woods throughout 2006

#9 Joslyn James

Woods met James at an Atlanta gentlemen’s club where they engaged in an affair which lasted over a whopping three years.

#10 Holly Sampson

Holly did not deny she had slept with Tiger Woods however, she hired a lawyer with no further comment on the matter.

#11 Loredana Ferriolo

Italian model, Loredana “Jolie” Ferriolo is said to have been with Woods for two years. Woods paid top dollar for this Playboy model who he took out at least 20 times, sometimes for group sessions.

#12 Devon James

Devon had an extended affair with Woods that spanned over two years. Devon told detailed accounts of group activity that Tiger would engage in involving her and other women and says she was paid two grand for these sessions.