Theo Epstein’s Hot Wife Marie Whitney Epstein

Marie Whitney Epstein

Marie Whitney Epstein’s handsome husband Theo, has been dubbed the Ultimate MLB president whose brilliant mind help built the Cubs roster that finally won the Worlds Series after the longest drought in MLB history. The last time Chicago won was back in 1908.

I bet you all know about Theo Epstein, therefore we are not going to waste any more of your time, meet his pretty wife Marie Whitey Epstein and the top facts you must know about her.

Full name: Marie Janet Whitney

Date, place of Birth: September 24, 1979 in Bloomfield, NJ.

College: First went to Mount Saint Dominic Academy (Bachelor’s degree); second to Boston University; subsequently Harvard University (Master’s degree).

Marriage: Married Theo Epstein on January 1, 2007.

Children: 2 sons; Jack )b. Dec.12, 2007), Drew (b.July, 2015).

Work: Designer, founder of Penny Blue. She founded the company in 2010 with the dream of using fashion to educate and empower girls around the world.