Tamara Ecclestone’s Boyfriend/ Fiance is Jay Alan Rutland (PHOTOS)

F1 Princess Tamara Ecclestone is no longer single and don’t expect her to break up with her new boyfriend anytime, because she got just engaged, the lucky lad is Jay Rutland,  Pacific Continental’ former senior broker that was not just fined by the FSA but banned. Should daddy Bernie Ecclestone feel Jay could be after his billions?

Jay Rutland Tamara Ecclestone boyfriend

Sexy Tamara Ecclestone was left heart broken and embarrass when her a sex tape featuring her ex- boyfriend Omar Khyani and another was revealed, and let’s don’t get me started on that other ex-boyfriend Derek Rose who dated Tamara 11 years ago, Rose was just found guilty of of blackmailing her for £200,000 ($303.780.00), how can Tamara be sure Jay Rutland who doesn’t have the best financial record in the world is any different than these two scum bags?

Derek Rose Tamara Ecclestone ex boyfriend

Omar Khyami and Tamara Ecclestone

28-year-old Tamara Ecclestone has been dating 31-year-old Jay Rutland for a month, yes, you heard that right “A MONTH” they were introduced in January by mutual friends, he took Tamara for a romantic getaway to Dubai where he got in one knee and proposed, the little princess said Yes!!!

“Our engagement has been very sudden and I get that there are people who won’t understand that and will read things into it,” she says. “But my response to that would be, ‘When you know, you know.’
“The thing is, I’d heard people say that before and I’d never really understood it, because I hadn’t experienced it for myself. But when I met Jay, I just knew this was the man I was going to marry.”

tamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland-phototamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland-picture

tamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland picturestamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland-photostamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland-pic

According to Tamara, she and Jay have been talking about marriage after a week from their first date, of course they were, I wonder who brought it up?

“The thing is, although this is going to sound crazy when I say it out loud, we’d already discussed the fact we wanted to get married, so even though it was a surprise when it happened, it wasn’t a total shock.
“I’ve never been in a relationship before where I’ve been able to be myself and feel so comfortable so quickly. When you find true love, why wait?”

I don’t mean to  be sarcastic, but you have to agree with me on this one, he was involved in one hell of a financial scheme a couple of years ago, and know he is dating one of the richest heiresses in the world? I just hope that I am wrong and Tamara’s heart is pointing to the right direction.

Jay Rutland Tamara Ecclestone boyfriend pictures

But is Ms. Ecclestone aware of her fiancée’s financial mess? she is, and it was him who told her himself.

“I thought it was best to be upfront and honest with her from day dot, because I knew what we had was going to lead somewhere and that we had to have transparency,”

tamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland-picstamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland photo

tamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland photostamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland pictamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland pics

And the fact that he told her about her dark past just made her love him even more.

“Everyone has a past and the downside to my life is that the past gets dragged up. I feel protective of Jay and I don’t ever want him to go through unnecessary anxiety because of his relationship with me. What I do know for sure about Jay is that he is a very good, loyal person and without trust, you have nothing.”

tamara ecclestone Jay Rutland pictamara ecclestone boyfriend Jay Rutland picture

She did mention trust, in the legal docs released by the FSA, they banned and fined Jay because he was not fit and proper person with lack of honesty and integrity.

Check out this quick biography on Jay Rutland.-

Jay Rutland broker biography

Jay Alan Rutland was born on March 11th, 1981, from September, 2003 as an investment adviser until June, 2007, on February, 2004 Jay was the team leader on several junior brokers.  Rutland’s job responsibilities  included to market shares I certain AIM trade companies to PCS”s retail customers. His salary was $23.620 or £18,000 a year. However his declaration of earning for the tax year 2006-2007 was close to £500.000, ($758.100) made mostly by  share sales from him and his team and commission.

His fall from grace started when on January, 2007 he handed amended scripts to his broken, without prior the approval of Pacific Continental or any of their directors.

A month later he was told not to amend any scripts to his broker without the approval of a director, he ignored the warning and on March once again Rutland send the amended sales scripts without approval, in one of the scripts Jay Rutland  referenced an upcoming deal not yet public between Alternative Investment Market listed company Unilever and  Provexis.

Jay Rutland  biography

The deal was officially announced on March 29, 2007 but  Pacific Continental sold close to £645,000 of Provexis shares a day prior to the official announcement, Rutland earned £20,000 in commission of the £185,000 he sold.

“Rutland deliberately defied compliance procedures, acted against the interests of customers and disclosed inside information in order to improperly maximize sales by his team.”

Rutland was initially fined with £160,000, but after he said he had been diagnosed with a serious debilitating illness  that affected his ability to work the fine was reduced to £30,000, and banned from working in financial services for market abuse.

Read the Legal docs here