Nicole Muxo- Miami Heat Dwayne Wade High School Prom Date

Dwayne Wade Nicole Muzo Prom night

Meet Nicole Muxo, she might be the luckiest Miami Heat fans because Dwayne Wade was her date at prom night!!

Nicole Muxo Dwayne Wade prom night date photo

18-year-old Nicole Muxo a senior student at South Florida School invited Dwayne Wade to the Archbishop Coleman Carroll High School prom by  the latest and most commonly way to ask a celebrity on date these days, and yes, that is by making a video and posting it on YouTube last month, just like she already asked Wade to be her date at the Homecoming dance

Nicole Muxo Dwayne Wade homecoming dateNicole Muzo Twitter

and tweeting him repeatedly. that is for sure one persistent Miami Heat fan!!

Hi Dwayne Wade, my name is Nicole and my senior prom is coming up. I have everything set for a perfect night except for the perfect date, as you’re my favorite basketball player I wondered…’

The video then shows her posing with signs saying ‘Will you go to prom with me?’


Until  last night Ms. Muxo heard nada from the famous Miami Heat player, so when he called her on her cell at La Jolla Ballroom in Coral Gables she thought it was just to wish her well at prom night, little did Nicole knew because Dwayne was also at La Jolla Ballroom ready to dance his butt off with her.

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