Monique Exposito – Reggie Bush’s baby mama

Monique Exposito

Monique Exposito is the new woman in the life of Reggie Bush, but not in a good way. Apparently he knocked her up and now she’s is telling the world he cheated on his wife with her.

Monique Exposito is apparently pregnant with the unborn child of the running back for the Buffalo Bills and she is due in February.

31-year-old Bush is currently married to Armenian dancer wife, Lilit Avagyan. He and Lilit began dating in 2011, they have since welcomed two children and went on to become husband and wife in 2014.

Accoridng to new chick, Exposito, Reggie offered her money so she could have an abortion, thus the world wouldn’t find out he cheated on his wife.


So who is Monique Exposito? It looks like she fits Reggie’s profile, big boobs, big booty and kind of exotic looking.  You must remember he was also linked to Kim K and has been widely reported even his wife Lilit, looks like Kim.

Exposito spends most of her time in Miami. In 2013, Monique submitted a video to the search for the Ultimate Miami Girl.  The competition is filmed as a reality show and includes women between 21 and 35 years old who live in South Florida.

Exposito isn’t exactly an angel. Accoridng to gossip site Bossip, she allegedly had been dating retired Miami Heat player Alonzo Mourning for years –who was also hitched at the time.

She also happens to be a married lady. Her husband is Alexandre Bastin.

Quite the mess Bush stepped into huh! The site describes her a 34-year-old cocktail waitress.

Accoridng to a close source, Monique Exposito is the type of woman who wants to snag a rich athlete so she can live good life. During her illicit relationship with Alonzo, the source says she was showered with gifts and tried multiple times to get pregnant.

As expected, she vanished from all social media platforms.