Michael Heier McGuire: Celebrity Trainer Astrid McGuire’s Husband


Meet 39-year-old Michael Heier McGuire, the soon to be ex- husband of celebrity trainer, master bootcamp instructor and model, Astrid McGuire..


According to TMZ the famed trainer is calling it quits on her marriage. Astrid filed papers in L.A. last month and it looks like there is no turning back.


The report says it should a no fuss transaction saying the divvying up of their property will be handled by a written agreement, according to divorce documents, that is.

What are your thoughts on their split?


Could it be Michael couldn’t handle the high demand of his gorgeous wife, did he get tired of watching her around good-looking fellas or could it be there is someone else in the picture?


Earlier this year the couple of ten-years traveled to a romantic trip to Thailand but it apparently the trip did little to mend their relationship.


 You can find Michael on Facebook here.