Kimberly Bernek- Skydiver Kenneth Ryan Bernek’s Wife

Kimberly Bernek Kenneth ryan Bernek wife

A terrible news shocked us today, Kenneth Ryan Bernek, a dear and fantastic skydiver from Michigan died when he fell to his death and collided with a woman while practicing an extremely difficult method of flying called “high performance canopy flight. Mr. Bernek is survived by his beloved parents and loving wife Kimberly.

kenneth ryan bernek skydiver pic

kenneth ryan bernek skydiver picturekenneth ryan bernek skydiverKimberly Bernek Kenneth ryan Bernek wife pictures

34-year-old Kenneth Bernek an experienced, respected and very accomplished diver had been diving for more than a decade, 1,800 dives, he will be utterly missed!

According to reports the plane where Ken and other diver were onboard took off at about 6:00 p.m, the divers would get out at 14.000 for standard jumps, but Ken jumped at 5.000 feet for the dangerous high performance canopy finishing with a as swooping.

“The dive that he executed was a little too low and as a result he impacted the ground prematurely,”

Kenneth Ryan Bernek born on May 23, 1979, also a skydiving instructor, met his beautiful wife Kimberly through the skydiving club. Kimberly Bernek formerly known as Kimberly Shaw.

Kimberly Bernek Kenneth ryan Bernek wife picKimberly Bernek Kenneth ryan Bernek wife pics

29-year-old Kimberly Mellissa Shaw was born on July 03, 1984, she met her hubby at 60-member club.