Jen Selter- Instagram’s Best Fitness Model

Meet Jen Selter, she is extremely gorgeous woman, who in our opinion in the proud owner of the best butt in Instagram and the world probably, this magnificent creature is not just a pretty derriere owner, her entire body is out of this world!!

Some people might be thinking this Jen Selter is all about her but, but seriously why wouldn’t she? did you look at that rear bumper? It’s freaking un-be-lie-va-ble!!!!!!!!!

Jen Selter image

Ironically Jen Selter’s first choice was not fitness modeling, even less wearing yoga pants on a daily basis, Jen Selter was into computer networking, these days the self-employed social media director, gains Instagram likes and followers by the sec, every time she posts a belfie or any photo of her fab butt,  the likes and followers dropped like bees in a jar on honey.

20-year-old Jen Selter was born Jennifer Lynn Selter, in Roslyn, NY, graduated from Roslyn High School in Roslyn Heights, N.Y and began cosmetology classes, she took two jobs to support herself, one at a plastic surgeon office and a second one at a gym in Roosevelt Field Mall, where  transformed her fab ass into the piece of art that is today and that granted her a contract with NYC water company NY20 and nutrition supplement company Game Plan Nutrition.


But life wasn’t always easy for Ms. Selter, who at the age of 15 underwent her first and according to her, her only plastic surgery procedure, it was while she was in high school she had to endure the nasty comments posted on her Facebook page about her nose.

“I wouldn’t leave the house without strategically applying bronzer to make my nose look more narrow,”

She also began wearing padded bras and stomach-baring tops to draw attention away from her face., but then the comments on her Facebook page began..

“She’s pretty, but her nose is huge” and “You look like a pelican”-Selter decided she was ready for a change.

That summer Jen visit NY surgeon Sam Rizk and the results were lovely!

Jen Selter Before and after plastic surgery

“I’m more comfortable with myself now, happier and confident,” she says. “And I have so many more pictures of myself on Facebook!”

Who’s laughing now???