ESPN 2013 Body Issue Photos are HOT!!!

espn body issue 2013 photo

Sports fans the waiting is over, the top athletes show off their smoking hot bodies for ESPN’s the body issue. The annual “Body Issue,” which debuted in 2008 as its answer to the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue, features naked and scantily-clad athletes.

Do you want to know who are the athletes that made it for this year’s issue? Think your favorite male or female is in it? Here we’ll give you a sneak peak to who were the brave ones to loose the sports gear and delight us with their hidden physics!

Matt Harvey espn body issue 2013

Tarah GiegerMarlen Esparza espn body issue 2013Elena Hight espn body issue 2013

I think everyone loves this issue because it’s the one that is meant to be stare at so it’s OK to do it; each year, we stop to admire the vast potential of the human form. To unapologetically stand in awe of the athletes who’ve pushed their fit bodies to profound frontiers.

agnieszka-radwanska espn body issue 2013Sydney-Leroux-ESPN-Mag

I’m sure everyone takes a look at this pictures and you won’t let me lie that you imagine how it would feel to own those bodies, the power that it would give you to perform like them, to kick a soccer ball like Sydney Leroux, to snowboard like Elena Hight, to attend the women’s ultimate fighting championship like Miesha Tate, to pitch like Matt Harvey; my point is that it gives us a chance to live our wildest dreams through them. This is the chance to see them in their most natural form.

espn body issue 2013

joffrey-lupul espn body issue 2013 john isner espn body issue 2013  espn body issue 2013

Courtney Force, Matt Harvey, and Kenneth Faried are a few of the 20 stars that landed one of the eight covers to show off their best assets, and the oldest athlete to pose for ‘The Body Issue,’ 77-year-old Gary Player shows us why he earned the nickname “Mr. Fitness.”

So without further ado here we have a video of the behind the scenes of Matt Harvey’s shoot, you just can’t miss! And for the boys there is a video below for you as well.