Eddie Alvarez’ Wife Jamie Alvarez

Jamie Alvarez

Jamie Alvarez, is the stunning, absolutely exquisite wife of Puerto Rican mixed martial arts fighter Eddie Alvarez. Jamie’s stud became the UFC’s Lightweight Champion on July 7, 2016 after defeating Rafael Dos Anjos at UFC Fight Night 90 at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Not much out there about Jamie Alvarez, this is what we know

  • They reside in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.
  • Are the proud parents of 4 lovely children.
  • Three handsome sons and one lovely daughter named Aniston, born in 2014.
  • Like her hubby, Jamie is from Philadelphia.
  • She graduated from a St. Hubert Catholic High School for girls.
  • Jamie met Eddie when they were 15.
  • They got married in 2008.
  • Jamie Alvarez, appeared alongside other UFC Wags like Renee Edgar and Christy Cech in the documentary “The Life of the Fight Wife.”

Eddie, actually once told a funny story from when he got in a fight at school and Jamie sort of joined him.

“I didn’t know her long, but I got in a fight at Deveraux playground,” Alvarez said.

“I was beating the s**t out of some dude and his brother kicked me in the head, in the face, and split my eye open. Out of all my friends there from high school and everyone, no one jumped in except for my wife — well, my girlfriend at the time. She didn’t know me long and she jumped on this dude’s back and started punching him in the face. And I thought to myself, I’m going to marry this girl.”

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