Dilek Edwards- Yoga Instructor Fired for Being too Hot!!


Meet Dilek Edwards, she is an Istanbul native and Yoga pro and when we say pro, we mean pro! The fitted blonde has several influences to his teaching, many styles and a notable and extensive training. Her work includes establishing an NGO whose mission statement includes bringing the beneficial effects of yoga to those who need it most: underserved communities.

The Yoga master and massage therapist was forced to filed a suit against her former employer, Stephanie Adams; claiming she was unfairly fired for being too cute?!

The 32-year-old says she was illegally fired last month by Adams from the Wall Street chiropractic clinic, that Adams who happens to be a former playmate co-owns with her husband, Charles Nicolai.

Difficult position to be, The New York Post says the “Flexible blonde was giving Nicolai massages but Dilek claims her relationship with Nicolai was “purely professional” Take a look at her pics, do you think she is in fact too cute for the job??

Dilek gave her side of the story, she never gave any secret massages toNicolai as it was reported by media,

“I did not give secret massages to the Dr. Nicolai. What was said is, he was injured from an accident and wanted yoga therapy sessions as a patient in the office, however he was afraid that if his wife hears about this she could create scenario”




Dilek discovered yoga in a historic neighborhood in old Istanbul which sits below a bridge that connects Asia and Europe. Later yoga opened the door to a whole new way of living taking her life to India and New York City. Yoga helped strengthen her body, heal her soul, show the possibilities in life.Dilek’s classes fuse rhythmic vinyasa flow, integrated Ashtanga techniques, yoga philosophy, Ayurverdic approach, attentive injury prevention and the value of yoga for healing heart. Dilek is a Yoga Alliance RYT200 from India Chakra Yoga School and RYT500 at Om Yoga Center in New York City.


More than a decade ago, Dilek hit the yoga mat out of curiosity and found it to reduce anxiety from her high stress profession as a social worker for oppressed gypsy families which she found through her Master’s in Cultural Studies. Based on her own transformation, various teaching styles and an interest in personal wellness, Dilek fuses rhythmic asana, integrated yoga philosophy, attentive injury prevention and the value of yoga for stressful, hectic lifestyles.

In Fall 2012, she earned her RYT500 certification at Om Yoga Center in New York City, with specialized training in Trance Dance Yoga (Shiva Rea at Sonic Yoga), Pranayama (Joe Miller at Om Yoga) and Restorative Yoga (Cyndi Lee at Om Yoga).

Dilek has a her own page and blog, where she posts helpful tips for Yoga lovers, you can take a look at her most recent image below, captioned


What an amazing feeling when you totally open your heart, trust and let go of fears and let the ‘light’ take care of the rest. This photo is from Patnem, India. This was one of those moments for me that I will never forget how I felt. Connected, whole, easy, being taken care of and much more that are difficult to explain with the words. Sometimes, all we need to do is trust the ‘light’ or the ‘inner self’ and and do the poses that seems impossible to us, and you would be very surprised when we stop trying to control so much and worrying all the time things still work out and even in a better way.

Do you think the former playmate and self proclaimed lesbian, did the right thing in order to protect her family??

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