David Casler- Fitness/ No Excuse Mom banned From Facebook Maria Kang’s husband [PHOTOS]


Meet David Casler, he is a former marine a father of three gorgeous children and the man married to Maria Kang the fit mom who was recently banned from Facebook for posting a tirade against plus size women who posed in their skimpy lingerie to promote body confidence.

I get Maria Kang’s intentions to motivate moms  to take care of their bodies, her latest post about fitness included pictures of plus-size women in lingerie, the post created outrage among people apparently and someone reported her to Facebook, who banned her for  48 hours from her  Facebook page. The question is Do you think Mrs. Kang crossed the line when she posted the photos of those plus-size woman, who are telling others like them to love themselves no matter what age, color or weight they are? Facebook thought so and then they took it back; in case you miss that story you can read about it here.

Maria Kang is married to her wonderful hubby David Casler, also known as the Rambling Father is a former infantry marine and security contractor.

David Casley Maria Kang husband-picturesDavid Casley Maria Kang husband-pic

David graduated in 1996 from Kalaheo high School. David was part of team Rubicon last December who helped those affected by Hurricane Sandy.

In 2005 while David was serving as a Private Security Contractor in Iraq, a suicide bomber drove his explosive-filled car into the convoy in front of him. A large explosion lodged a piece of shrapnel into David’s brain, he was taken to an hospital in Germany where he underwent 6 brain surgeries. The journey was not over, it was only the beginning of the long one where he had to learn how to walk away, he who is also a skillful writer began to write poetry in 2007

David Casley Maria Kang husband-photo

Mr. Casler and Maria got engaged on June 18, 2008, he got married to his beautiful wife on November 27, 2010 at the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament, this was David’s second time down the isle.

They welcomed their first child, Christian on January 8, 2009. His second child Nicholas was born on April 17, 2010, Gabriel their youngest was born on December 27, 2011.  David is also the proud dad of his daughter Sydney and Piper from his first marriage.