Ty Anderson : Pamela Anderson’s High School Boyfriend


Tyrone Anderson is a famous man! He hasn’t done anything out of the ordinary but having dated Pamela Anderson could be taken as exactly a great deed. Better known as just “Ty” he had a lengthy romance with Pamela Anderson ages ago but he keeps a collection of love letters sent to him by Pamela during this time.

They guy considers himself a big part of the star’s youth –and has the love letter to back him up –which is why he is shocked and dumbfounded about Pamelas’ shocking revelation that she was molested and gang raped throughout her childhood and into her teens. Not only Ty’s jaw dropped but Pamela’s own mother and brother had no idea of what happened to her.



The couple started dating in Grade 10 at Highland Secondary school in Comox, Canada and they both graduated together in 1985. Their relationship began as good friends and started dating 12 months after the alleged gang rape.


Following graduation Ty moved to Red Deer, Alberta to become a fire-fighter. Missing her man Pamela wrote dozens of love letters while he was away.

Eventually Pamela moved to Alberta to be with Ty and got a job at a gym. But after a year it wasn’t working out so they both moved back closer to home in Victoria. The couple eventually split up in 1987 and Pamela moved to Vancouver.

Ty’s affection for Pamela took a long time to fizzle out, they kept writing to each other even when she left to Los Angeles to seek fame. And oh boy she did!

The Canadian bombshell made headlines earlier this year when she claimed she was molested from the age of six to ten by a female babysitter, followed by years later when her “first boyfriend in grade nine decided to gang rape her  with six of his friends.

Ty and the blonde dated for almost a decade and he says he had no idea or any inkling that Pamela could have suffered such abuse.

Ty has been concerned ever since the devastating news broke and wants Pam to come forward with her abuser! He told Inside Edition’s Victoria Recano he wants Pamela to set the record straight so no one would point fingers to him!

During an initial interview with MailOnline, he reveals details of their relationship and did admit Pamela wouldn’t let him see her body; creative Pam sent her a note along with a set of scantily-clad pics.

He also said he and the now animal activist, Pamela grew closer as he comforted her over problems at home.

‘I was helping her through some tough times with her dad. I took her under my wing and was comforting her. That’s when I knew she was having some distress in her life, because of her dad.

48-year-old Ty now lives in Mission a small town to the east of Vancouver, with his wife and two children.

I’m now happily married with kids and love my family and life but I will always love Pamela and she will always have a place in my heart,’

Do you agree with Ty? Should Pamela confess who abused her?