Tony Brand is Actress Kelly Rutherford’s Boyfriend

Meet Tony Brand

Tony Brand is the current boyfriend of 47-year-old actress Kelly Rutherford. Tony’s gal is not having the best of times, as recent reports say, she lost custody of her children.

According to TMZ, it’s been revealed Kelly lost custody of her 2 children, because the judge feared she’d abduct the kids from Monaco, never to return again.

Rutherford lost custody of the children in August to battled ex-husband Daniel Giersch, who is a resident of the country.

Kelly’s children- eight-year-old son Hermes and six-year-old daughter Helena – have been living in Europe with their father since 2012.
Kelly has been married twice. She first tied the knot to Carlos Tarajano in 2001. She filed for divorce six months later. In 2006 she and Daniel Giersch, tied the knot. That same year, she gave birth to their first child, son Hermes. She filed for divorce from Giersch while pregnant with Helena.

Luckily for Kelly, she has found some comfort in the name of Tony Brand. According to the Daily Mail, the blonde was first pictured with Tony in April, but she started sharing photos of him on Instagram in March.
Tony Brand is the Assistant General Manager of Gucci, according to his LinkedIn. He’s also worked for Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford, G-Star, Custo Barcelona, Plein Sud, Pom D’Api and Prada.

He holds a BA in Communications form the American University and speaks French and Italian.

Tony Brand is an accomplished, retail exec. He has a solid background in retail and brand management, marked by twenty years of expertise in merchandising, sales analysis and new business development. Has been successful at Prada, Ralph Lauren, Tom Ford and currently at Gucci.
According to his summary, he developed an implemented sales, marketing and business strategies that penetrated new markets and generated substantial revenue for G Star, Custo Barcelona, Plein Sud, Pom D’api and Prada. He was a key player in achieving $28 million in annual sales revenue for Ralph Lauren through effective management and training of internal sales teams.


He opened first American retail franchise of Pom D’api in Beverly Hills, California; established and oversaw 22 stores for Custo Barcelona within the United States, Puerto Rico and Hawaii. Opened and staffed prime retail space for G Star, including the first mall store at Aventura, Florida and Fashion Show Mall in Las Vegas.