Sarah Seawright Arkansas #PrisonBae

Sarah Seawright

Sarah Seawright is the Arkansas woman who’s sexy mug shot has made her go viral and earned her the nickname Prison Bae! She is the female version of convict Jeremy Meeks.

Sarah Seawright has sparked major interest in male users who have posted comments such as “She can kidnap me any day.” That’s because previous charges include kidnapping!

Hard to believe with that angel face but it is not the first time the beautiful brunette gets in trouble, she was previously detained on charges of aggravated robbery, 1st degree battery, kidnapping, hindering apprehension, and tampering with evidence, in relation to a 2012 incident in Bryant, Fox16 reported.

Her most recent stint with the law comes because she failed to appear in court in connection to an earlier careless driving arrest, police records show, she was held back in April.

The photo taken by the Pulaski County Police Department was posted online by the site Ugly Plastic. It has been since shared hundreds of times by social media users praising her beauty under the hashtag #PrisonBae.


Seawright, who according to her Facebook page lives in Little Rock, is 24-years-old and is the daughter of Roseanna Seawright. Not everyone was seeing with the same affection as she also got some online hate from users, thought she doesn’t seem to mind much writing on Twitter:  “Keep the hate coming. I was built for this!” Sarah Seawright is definitely not only your pretty face but she is definitely a tough cookie!

Sarah Seawright  was arrested in December 2014 on charges of driving without insurance and careless driving. She had to pay a $250 fine for driving without liability insurance and a $115 fine for careless and prohibited driving, and had the failure to appear charge dismissed.



Back to the 2012 charges, she allegedly lured a man she knew into her car at a Target store, where her accomplice pointed a gun at the victim and then struck him in the head, robbing him of $380. She pleaded guilty only to hindering apprehension, a class B felony and was sentenced to five years probation in 2014.

Thought her new found fame has made her worthy of a number of outlets talking about her, it appears she is yet to sympathize with online fans. She only has over a hundred followers on Twitter, think that could change?