Samantha Lerner – Andrew Silverman’s Girlfriend

Meet Samantha Lerner

Samantha Lerner is the new girlfriend of 38-year-old Real state mogul, Andre Silverman. You might remember Silverman from his scandal involving ex-wife Lauren and former best pal Simon Cowell.

You don’t? Well, we’ll refresh your memory;  in 2013 Andrew was dumped by Lauren Silverman who got in a steamy relationship with none other than music mogul Simon Cowell, Lauren eventually got pregnant, divorced Andrew and she and Cowell decided to move on with their relationship. She gave birth to baby Eric Cowell, 18 months ago.

Andrew and Lauren divorced after 10-years of marriage, they have a son, Adam.

Now, getting back to our original story, recent reports indicate Andrew has found love again in the form of a pretty gal named Samantha, but outlets can’t help noticing Samantha’s resemblance to former Mrs. Silverman, Lauren! Do you see it too?

According to the NY Daily News, Samantha and Andrew are taking their relationship to the next level, they allegedly got engaged!

So who is Samantha Lerner?


34-year-old Samantha Adrienne Lerner is the widow of Matthew Brett Zimmerman, her hubby was an executive at at Bear Stearns who died in 2012. She and Zimmerman tied the knot in 2008 at the Pierre Hotel in New York. The couple had two sons: Ethan and Jordan.

At the time of her first marriage, Samantha was 27, she is described as the owner of Mish Mish, a children’s clothing store in New York and a University of Hartford graduate.

She is the daughter of Rita Lerner of Englewood Cliffs, N.J., and Stephen Lerner of New York.

An FB profile can still be found under Samantha Lerner Zimmerman with a photo of her late hubby. If you wonder, how would Samantha will fit in, do not worry, it is said, Andrew, Lauren and Simon are all in good terms.

Congrats to the happy couple!