Richard Greene Shawn King’s affair

Richard Greene

Richard Greene has been revealed as the man who’s been having an affair with Larry King’s wife, Shawn King!

We were left baffled after the National Enquirer broke the news and that also includes, 82-year-old Larry King himself –who believed his wife of 19 years was faithful to him. Sources close to the octogenarian say he is heartbroken, embarrassed and furious. Page Six reports, Larry is yet to make a decision whether to file for divorce or not.

Attorneys representing Shawn and Larry, as well as a rep for Greene, called the story of the affair “inaccurate.” The National Enquirer did not named the alleged lover, but today, we have a name, and that name is, Richard Greene.

Greene is not a John Doe, in fact some reports suggest in the year-long affair he’s allegedly been having with Shawn King, she’s been prepping him to become the next “Larry King.”


According to his website, Greene is one of the Leading Communication Strategists and Public Speaking Trainers in the World. He’s been called “The Master of Charisma” by the Sunday Times of London and has numerous raving reviews.

Richard happens to have conducted over 100 international lecture tours, leading workshops and doing consulting for The United Nations, The World Health Organization, The U.S. Chamber of Commerce, Wharton Business School, The Young Presidents Organization, The House of Lords, among many others.

Richard attended USC Law School and is an attorney by trade. He walked away from his law practice to share his communication breakthroughs with a long clientele list that includes Presidents, Prime Ministers, Cabinet Ministers, Senators, Congresspersons, First Ladies, political candidates, CEOs and CFOs of Fortune 500 companies, attorneys, judges, Hollywood celebrities, and marketing professionals. The client list also mentions, Princess Diana.

His website also reveals, Greene and Diana weren’t only friends, he was also Diana’s personal speaking coach. How close were they? He was only one of eight Americans to be invited to her funeral.

Greene is also the author of the prestigious book, Words That Shook the World:100 Years of Unforgettable Speeches and Events, used in high schools and universities around the world.

According to his LinkedIn, Richard Greene has spoken and coached in 43 countries around the world over the past 30 years.

According to sources close to the Kings, Shawn, met Greene when he was a guest on a podcast she co-hosts with her husband, “Back and Forth With Shawn and Larry.”

It really seems odd a man who seems as level headed as Greene could be having an affair? Thoughts?

When not travelling the globe, Richard lives in Los Angeles.