Paul Janavs Hot Pockets heiress Michelle Janavs’ Husband

Paul Janavs

Paul Janavs is the husband of Michelle Janavs -a former food exec who was involved in the massive bribing scheme around college admissions.

Paul’s wife and other elites were among 50 parents charged in ‘Operation Varsity Blues’ which came to light in 2019. At the time it was reported that wealthy parents paid $25 million in bribes to get their children into elite American universities.

Michelle Janavs is a “former executive at a large food manufacturer formerly owned by members of her family.”
She was born October 23, 1970. She is described as a former executive in a family business that developed Hot Pockets, that’s where the nickname ‘the Hot Pockets Heiress’ comes from.
Her family makes for one of those great immigrant success story, one that Michelle has surely put a black spot on.
Her family is behind ‘Hot Pockets’ -that microwavable pizza-like culinary convenience that’s been around since the early 1980s.

The 49-year-old was until recently, known as a food executive, well-respected mother and philanthropist. Her father is Paul Merage, who, with his brother, co-founded Chef America Inc., which created the Hot Pockets microwavable snack.

Paul Janavs

Back in 2013, Michelle Merage-Janavs was listed as a president of the MMJ Foundation, a nonprofit entity. Her family sold Hot Pockets in 2002 for $2.6 billion to Nestle.
Nowadays, she may become a convicted fellon. Today Janavs will be sentenced in Boston after pleading guilty to rigging her daughters exams. She may be looking at two years behind bars.

She is said to have cough up $100,000 to fix her daughter’s ACT exam score and to get her admitted as to the University of Southern California’s volleyball team even though she didn’t play competitively.
Janavs also allegedly paid thousands to get her younger daughter’s ACT exam score doctored. It is unclear whether the daughter was similarly recruited by a university or where she plans to attend school.
According to the affidavit, Janavs’ older daughter was aware of the scheme, but the younger daughter was not.

Michelle is married to Paul Janavs who according to his LinkedIn, works in Food and Beverage Research & Development Consulting. Paul Janavs is also the founder of REV’D PROVISION Co. & YES FOODS, LLC.