Melissa Meeks Hot Convict Jeremy Meeks’ Wife

Meet Melissa Meeks

Melissa Meeks is the wife of convict felon turned model, Jeremy Meeks. You might remember Jeremy from his viral mug shot back in 2014.

The image was plastered all over the Internet after he was arrested in June 2014 for gun possession. Women went nuts over the guy –whose tear drop tattoo means he honors gang killing.

Jeremy Meeks became an internet sensation, and can now begin his new calling as a male model. He was sentenced in July 2015 to 27 months in prison and was reportedly released on Wednesday. His sexy felon image gained more than 100,000 likes.


Jeremy now has an official Instagram page, where he shares shirtless images of himself. He recently captioned a photo, “Looking forward to my time on the lake with my kids.”

He also got himself an agent, according to BuzzFeed.

Before he entered the Mendota Federal Correctional Institution, he had signed with two Hollywood agents and had his sights set on a reality TV deal.

Women all over were devastated to learn their favorite hot criminal was already taken.


At the time Jeremy began having all this overnight attention, Melissa Meeks, didn’t like it. Apparently she was furious at the fact that her man was locked up and people was taking it as a joke.

Accoridng to her Facebook profile, Melissa Meeks –who has been married for several years to Jeremy and is the mother of their three children –is a nurse. She is originally from Chicago, Illinois and currently resides in California. She attended the University of Phoenix.

She and Jeremy have been married since 2008. Melissa Meeks gave birth to a daughter, and two sons. The youngest of the boys seems the spitting image of Jeremy.


A new and improved Melissa Meeks can be seen on her hubby’s Instagram page. Think she is complaining now about her man’s looks?