Chad Wagner – Dr. Walter Palmer’s friend

Meet Chad Wager

Chad Wagner is the friend of Minnesota dentist, Walter Palmer, also known as the infamous animal killer that took the like out of beloved Zimbabwe lion Cecil, by doing so, Palmer has become the target of people’s hatred all over the world.

Since word was out on the death of Cecil the lion, Palmer has been hiding from the public eye; along the way we’ve learned about his past and private life, details including a lawsuit made by a former dental assistant in which he was accused of sexual harassment and which he settled paying her $127,500.

Truth be told, no one has step forward to say anything positive about the Doc, until now.


Chad Wagner who is Palmer’s childhood friend, told ABC News ‘”20/20″ in an exclusive interview: “I’ve probably known him for 50 years already, and I’ve never seen anything like what we are being told about”

Wagner revealed in his interview he has known Palmer and his family since they were kids growing up in Lisbon, North Dakota. He said they both would hunt pheasant geese and white-tailed deer together.

Wagner continued about the father of two, from Eden Prairie, Minnesota; “His dad was a doctor,”  “His family was very well liked…obviously being the doctor in town…you’re one of the most prominent people in town.”

According to Wagner they both attended Lisbon High School.

Wagner also said Palmer is “the type of guy who would give you the shirt off his back when in need. He would be the type of guy to help anybody.”

Wagner explained Palmer’s success allowed him to expand his childhood interest in hunting to another level, traveling the world hunting wild animals.

In the meanwhile, new photos have surfaced of Chad’s childhood friend and a black bear he illegally shot and killed.