Cesar Sanudo-Kris Jenner’s First Love

cesar sanudo 6 pic

According to Carlos Sanudo, pro golf player Cesar Sanudo’s brother, Kris and Cesar were in a relationship that began in 1973. Kris was 17 and Cesar was 29. Carlos recalls that Kris, then Houghton, was a knock out. The Sanudo family has been speaking this week to the media and are claiming that during the alleged relationship, Kris repeatedly cheated on Cesar.

“Cesar introduced her to a lot of showbiz big shots, and he’d take her to big parties at mansions and on yachts,” Carlos said. “In fact, you could say that Kris would never have made her family as big as it is today without the connections Cesar began making for her years ago.”

Carlos claims that Cesar began suspecting Kris of cheating. When Cesar was away playing golf there would be parties at his condo where he lived with Kris. Kris would hit on any number of guys, he says she even made a move on him! Of course he didn’t do anything as he would never hurt his brother…

She even cheated with her future husband Robert Kardashian, but this time Cesar caught her. It turns out that he was cut from a tournament, and hurried home only to find her in bed with Robert. He threw Robert out of the house. That was the beginning of the end of the relationship. Kris married Robert in 1978. Cesar is said to have even suspected her of an affair with O. J. Simpson!

Cesar Sanudo, who was born on October 26, 1943, started caddying at Tijuana Country Club in 1954  It was an opportunity he couldn’t pass up, considering his father had abandoned the family of five children and his mother was caring for her dying mother. That is where his passion for golf began. He attended Grossmont Junior College and Lamar Tech.

He passed away on August 28, 2011, leaving three children, two daughters and one son named Lee, after his good friend Lee Trevino and many grandchildren. He played professional golf for 19 years.

He’s not here to tell us his side of the story, but we will probably be hearing something about this from Kris pretty soon.