Billy Sechrist Bullied to death Shania Sechrist’s Father

Billy Sechrist

Billy Sechrist is the devastated father of the Pennsylvania teen who took her own life, Shania Sechrist. His 15-year-old daughter left a devastating note, saying “I am just tired of the bullying” before committing suicide last week.

Billy Sechrist found the tragic scene of his daughter hanging in their Pennsylvania house with a suicide note explaining, she had tried telling her family something bad would happen to her, but no one listened. “She was so cold” Billy Sechrist recalled.

Shania –who died last Wednesday–was a 9th grade student at William Penn Senior High School, according to her father, every day she would return home complaining about struggles at school.

Billy Sechrist told WGAL News 8, his late daughter would say to him “’Daddy, Daddy, Daddy I’m scared. I’m scared I’m going to get jumped. I’m scared I’m going to get stabbed”


According to Sechrist, most of his daughter’s bullying was through social media. It was also reported the teen frequently got into scuffles at school. Shania had returned to school after a 60-day suspension for fighting, just days before her tragic death.

Mr. Sechrist also revealed his daughter had tried to commit suicide months ago and as a result she had also previously received professional treatment.



A Go Fund me page, was set up by a family friend, in order to help with Shania’s funeral expenses. 57-year-old Bill Sechrist told local news, “I pray faithfully that no other parent has to come home and see that their child has committed suicide”

Earlier this week, a heartbroken Billy Sechrist revealed, “Today I went and picked her ashes up. I never dreamed I’d be caring my daughter home in a little box.”

Two different Facebook accounts have been found with pictures of the troubled teen. One of them under the name Shania Sechrist (come my way) and a second one under, Nia Sechrist. The latter is believed to belong to her but the other one has a disturbing photo that reads, “you f**ing hurt me but I promise ima be good.”

We send our condolences to her father, the rest of her relatives and friends.