Anne Koppe- Wolf Of Wall Street Jordan Belfort’s Girlfriend/ Fiancee

jordan belfort and anne koppe pic


When Anne Koppe met Jordan Belfort in 2008, she thought she would be bored or just not interested in him. But things turned out quite differently.

She’s now engaged to the ex-con, who served 22 month of prison time for fraud which cost innocent investors over 200 million.

The 47 year old woman lives in California with her boyfriend and helps him run his business out of Hermosa Beach Ca.

I wonder what her parents , Helen and Bruce Koppe think of her fiancé. Well, the one thing we know for sure is what she wrote to a judge, “Jordan is no longer a criminal. He is an exemplary contributor to the economy. He is a taxpayer and a very hard-working man.”

We can be sure he’s hard working, but we hope that the rest of her statements are true too.

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