Adam Savader- Mitt Romney’s Campaign Intern


A previous Mitt Romney campaign intern is in difficulty. The 21-year-old Adam was arrested in Great Neck, N.Y. on Tuesday by the FBI. He was charged with cyberstalking and blackmailing women online, according to authorities.

Court documents show Savader supposedly used both the Internet and text messages. He claimed he had naked pictures of the women and vowed to launch them to friends and family if more were not provided.

15 females that were purportedly victimized. The official declaration was filed on April 17, and an university student in the Michigan area reported the alleged bad behavior to Ann Arbor police back in September 2012.

Adam was the Vice Presidential Operations Intern at Romney for President in NY. He was also the Special Assistant to the Chief Operating Officer en Newt 2012.

Savader went to The George Washington University, Bard College at Simon’s Rock and previously studied in Great Neck North High School.

Adam has experience in policies, political campaigns, consulting, politics, PR, campaigns, public speaking, research and social media…

He is associated with the following groups: American Association of Political Consultants, American Solutions for Winning the Future, Americans for Prosperity, Campaigns and Elections, College Republicans, Create Jobs Now: Repeal Dodd-Frank, Fox News Networking Group, GW College Republicans, Great Neck North Alumni, Lean Six Sigma, Mitt Romney 2012, Mitt Romney Central, Municipal Bond Forum, Newt Alumni, Political Campaign Consultants, Managers & Candidates, Political Communication and Marketing, Political Science, Simon’s Rock Alumni, Social Media Strategies and Tactics in Political Campaigns, The George Washington University Columbian College of Arts and Sciences, The Heritage Foundation and Young America’s Foundation.

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