Who is Grocery girl Margaret who Prince Harry secretly dated?


We all have a secret crush on Prince Harry, now that his older brother, Prince William, is off the market and soon to be a father. Prince Harry’s got the looks, the charms, and the wild spirit we love. He is dating 24-year-old socialite Cressida Bonas, and seems he’s got a lot of pressure to settle down. They started dating last May after being introduced by Harry’s cousin Princess Eugenie.

Cressida is the daughter of Sixties model Lady Mary Gaye Curzon and Old Harrovian businessman Jeffrey Bonas. The couple made their first public appearance together on the slopes at Swiss ski resort Verbier, last February.

“I’m told they talked of marriage in Switzerland this year”, a source explains in upcoming book Harry: The People’s Prince by Chris Hutchins.

But this new biography of Prince Harry also reveals a secret love! The woman is known as Margaret, author Chris Hutchins said that is her middle name as she refused to be fully identified. She briefly dated Harry while he was at school Eton College. The media had never talked about her before.

Margaret worked at one of the many convenience stores that line Eton High Street, near Windsor, and the two met when the royal came into the shop one day.

“When I said I had to go because I needed to catch a certain bus, he asked me for my mobile number. He didn’t offer me his, but he did ask me not to talk to anybody from the newspapers about him – which offended me a bit, so half-jokingly I said to him, ‘OK, on condition you don’t talk to them about me’ – which made him laugh.”

Reportedly, the shop girl initially didn’t know who he was, until she agreed to meet up with him and one of her co-workers pointed out that he was Prince William’s brother. The short relationship lasted three dates.

“He was very nice, very polite, and at first I didn’t even recognize him,” she said. “After we’d been chatting for a few minutes, he asked me if I would join him for a drink later. “

“He was really lovely, although I don’t think he really knew how to behave with someone from the other side of the tracks,” she explained.

Hutchins, who claims that the veracity of the ‘Margaret’ story has been confirmed to him by palace insiders, says that the two did indeed go for a drink, but there was a problem. Margaret had a boyfriend at that time and she was about to get married, so she eventually realized that meeting up with Harry was not right and she called things off, although Harry was very nice and pleasant and a certain amount of hand-holding and even some kissing took place over the next few dates.

“I felt awful, I liked him a lot but I knew it wouldn’t come to anything and that I risked losing the boy I’d been courting for nearly two years. I was also embarrassed, because there was a man who was obviously his minder hovering in the background.”

“Harry called me several times after that but I had to tell him I couldn’t see him again. He was pleading but I knew it was wrong. I could never be part of his world,” she explained. “I cried buckets after that last call but he never rang me again. I went on to marry my boyfriend, and I’m pleased to say we’re very happy and have two lovely children.”

This romance developed after Harry’s passionate declarations of love for Laura Gerard Leigh, the daughter of a multi-millionaire stockbroker who was friends with his grandpa Prince Philip.

Harry used to date Chelsy Davy, confirming the relationship on his 21st birthday. They were seen together publicly at the “Concert for Diana”, also Chelsy accompanied Harry to the wedding of Harry’s cousin, Peter Phillips to Autumn Kelly in May 2008, where she was introduced to the Queen for the first time. The pair reportedly split in early 2009 but were seen together at a rugby match. In 2011, Harry confirmed rumors by proclaiming himself “100 per cent single.” Speaking about Chelsy, an insider said:

“She was the love of his life for seven years, and it wouldn’t surprise me if she didn’t re-emerge at some point in the not-too-distant future.”

Prince Harry also had a two-month romance with lingerie model Florence Brudenell-Bruce, and relationships with TV presenters Caroline Flack and Natalie Pinkham.