Jessie Webb- Prince William’s Nanny to be Baby George’s Nanny

Prince-William-and-Kate pic

Prince William and Kate have approached Jessie Webb to be their infant son’s first charge, the Sunday People has revealed. Jessie was nanny to Will and his brother Harry for five years.  The boys have remained very close to her through the years. It seems the William wants to recreate for his son the secure feeling that Jessie imparted to him during the difficult period she was with them.

He and Kate have asked his former nanny to come out of retirement to care for their infant son. The new parents had said that at first they would not be looking for a caregiver for baby George as it was their desire to care for him, but after some weeks have come to realize that for them, this was an unrealistic goal.

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The retired nanny is said to be sorely tempted to help the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, although she worries about having full-time duties again. Kate, 31, regards herself as a modern mother and hopes to carry on doing as much as she can herself with support from her mother  Carole Middleton.

The couple were warned by both their families and royal courtiers that they needed to find a nanny for baby George as it would not be feasible to care for their son and carry out royal duties without causing complete exhaustion.

One royal courtier said: “Jessie would be ideal. Everyone likes her. She’s discreet and she’s of an age when she’s not going to have her picture in the papers every five minutes.”

Jessie has been recently seen with Kate and baby George driving to McDonalds, so it would appear that perhaps the retired nanny has taken a new job!