Shane Ortega: Transgender Sgt. pilot

Meet Shane Ortega, the military pilot who is making major headlines right now. According to reports Shane is a transgender pilot who’s been forced to wear a female uniform despite the fact he’s been living as a man for the past few years.

Ortega lives openly as a transgender man reports say, but military rules say he must wear a female uniform and be addressed as a female officer. The 28-year-old has a passion for bodybuilding making his arms and frame super buffed, as a result only the largest size of uniform fits the Sergeant.



Things might change for Shane soon though, soon he might be able to wear a male uniform due to the ban on transgender individuals in the U.S. military will be lift.

Shane is based at Wheeler Army Airfield in Hawaii and could be of great help for others who are wanting to transition but have been too afraid. In fact he already serves as example for others, he said during an interview he knows of a transgender woman, who has been afraid to transition as she serves in a all-male unit, adding: ‘It’s a human rights, health care issue. I talk to her three or four times a month.’
Sergeant Ortega has spoken previously in support of lifting the ban on transgender military, he is one of at least 15,000 transgender people who serve in the active duty military and the reserves, most in secret according to surveys.

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