5 Facts about Mark Halperin’s Girlfriend Karen Avrich

Karen Avrich

Meet Karen Avrich; she is the longtime girlfriend of political analyst Mark Halperin, known for his work on MSNBC, Bloomberg as well as Time Warner. No doubt you all know Halperin’s story, therefore allow us to tell you 5 interesting facts about his pretty girlfriend Karen.

  • The first thing you need to know about Ms. Avrich is that she is one of two daughters born to Paul Avrich, the famous historian, and his wife Ina. Her sister is Jane, 52.

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  • Halperin’s lovely gal was born Karen Anne Avrich on January 6, 1967; in New York.
  • Her father, Paul, a professor of Russian history and book author was 74 when he died on February 16, 2006, from Alzheimer’s disease.
  • Her father was working on a new book titled Sasha and Emma; the book about the lives of Alexander Berkman and Emma Goldman. Two Russian immigrants who joined the anarchist movement; but he became ill and knew he would be able to finish his book, so he asked Karen to finish it for him.

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  • Karen Avrich a writer, editor, and researcher on nonfiction books lives in New York with her boyfriend Mark Halperin.