Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn Economic Advisor Gary Cohn’s Wife

Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn

Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn is the wife of Trump’s administration economic advisor, Gary Cohn. Her husband is best known as an investment banker for Goldman Sachs.

Lisa’s husband was until recently, the president of the Wall Street firm. His departure from Goldman Sachs means he’d have to cash out the stock he accumulated during a 26-year career at the firm.

Born Gary D. Cohn, the Cleveland native was second in charge to CEO Lloyd Blankfein for a decade, and thought of as a possible successor. He started his career in Goldman’s J. Aron commodities trading division, alongside Blankfein in 1990. In 1994 he was made partner — one of the most coveted titles on Wall Street.

He had previously worked on the floor of the commodities exchange for a few years.

During the early 2000s, Cohn’s various roles at Goldman included heading its fixed income currency and commodities trading division and the bank’s securities and equities business. A decade ago, he was named president.

But the road wasn’t always an easy one. Cohn himself has talked about being a terrible student. He suffered from dyslexia and by the sixth grade, he had attended four different schools.

Cohn graduated from high school. He also graduated from American University in 1982. While working for the home-products division of United States Steel in Cleveland he visited NY city and literally jumped in the cab with one of brokers to ask him for a job. The gutsy move, paid off.

Cohn has also been lucky in the love department. He has been happily married to wife Lisa Pevaroff for years.


The lovely Lisa Pevaroff-Cohn is an artist. She expresses her talent whether through painting, jewelry or collage.

Most of her work  takes inspiration in the nature. She says on her website she finds herself  drawn to landscapes and flowers, the ocean, sunrises and sunsets.

Lisa attended Rhode Island School of Design and graduated in 1983. She moved to NY where she worked as a textile designer. She recalls how her artwork shifted from designing in large companies to creating work of a more personal nature.

Suddenly her paintings became journals of her travels and her collages the chronicles of her daughters’ lives. She’s also experienced working with encaustic.

Her love of gemstones inspired her to make her own collection of jewelry.

Lisa credits founding her ‘artistic voice’  to her husband and children.

Lisa and her husband are the proud parents of three daughters, including Chloe and Chelsea Cohn.

On Twitter Lisa describes herself as an artist, mom, philanthropist, jewelry designer, baker…