Lisa Fierstein/Lisa Henning Andy Puzder’s ex-wife

Lisa Fierstein/Lisa Henning

Lisa Fierstein is the former Lisa Henning Puzder who was married for some time to current labor nominee, Andrew Puzder.

Just in case you don’t know, Puzder has served as the president and CEO of CKE Restaurants since September 2000. He has earned a B.A in history from Cleveland State University, and later earned his JD from Washington University School of Law in 1978. He has now risen to national prominence after being selected as the Secretary of Labor by Donald Trump. But many years ago, he had been in the news when police were summoned to his house twice after he was accused of domestic abuse.

The CKE chief executive was married to Lisa Henning from 1973 until 1987. It was the first marriage for both. Is only natural to want to know just about everything about Puzder these days. Having that in mind, Lisa would be one of few people that could provide great insight about Puzder.

According to reports, the former couple had a bit of a tumultuous marriage with Lisa Henning saying she had been abused by Puzder during their time together.

In the 1980’s Lisa Henning stated that he had hit her, threw her to the floor, and unplugged the phone so Henning could not call the police for help. Puzder admitted that he “grabbed [Henning] by the shoulders and pushed her back” but said it was only to prevent her from hurting herself. When the couple filed for divorce, Henning claimed in the divorce papers that Puzder had hit her twice. To this day, Puzder denies ever hitting her.


Accoridng to Politico, she went on to appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show , disguised as a victim of domestic abuse. She went by the name Ann on the show. It’s unclear when the show aired.

However, last November Lisa Henning now Lisa Fierstein says nothing happened. She sent an email saying she regrets the accusation she made against her former spouse.

Lisa Feirstein also sent a letter to U.S. senators ahead of his confirmation hearings, saying, “What we should have handled in a mature and private way became a contentious and ugly public divorce.”

Lisa and Andy Puzder produced two children during their marriage. They were awarded joint custody of the kids, with primary physical placement going to Lisa.