Leslie Cockburn’s Husband Andrew Cockburn

Andrew Cockburn

This incredible guy is journalist Andrew Cockburn; he is the loving husband of Candidate for Congress in Virginia Leslie Cockburn. Andrew and Leslie have three amazing children, Chloe, Charles and Olivia, as in actress Olivia Wilde. No doubt you knew that right?

Andrew Cockburn was born on January 7, 1947, in London, England; he is one of five children born to  British journalist  Claud Cockburn and his third wife Patricia Byron. His Irish mum, Patricia was also a journalist, artist and conchologist; she was the daughter of Major John Bernard Arbuthnot.

Andrew Cockburn

Andrew has two half-sisters; American-British disability activist Claudia Flanders, from his father’s first marriage to Hope Davis; his other sister is mystery writer Sarah Caudwell Cockburn from Claude’s second marriage to model Jean Ross.

His brothers Alexander and Patrick are both famous political journalist and writers. Patrick the correspondent for the Independent, Financial Times and the London Review of Books is, in addition, the recipient of the 2005 Martha Gellhorn Prize, James Cameron Prize in 2006, and Orwell Prize in 2009.

Leslie & Children

Moreover, Leslie’s hubby studied at Perthshire, Worcester College, Oxford and Glenanmond College. He and Leslie tied the knot in 1977, in San Francisco and welcomed three children.

Chloe Frances on April 3, 1979, Olivia Jane born on March 10, 1984, and son Charles Philip born on January 31, 1993.

Andrew Cockburn

Mr. Cockburn, notably known as a journalist is also a film producer; along with his wife, Andrew Cockburn produced the 1991 documentary The War We Left Behind. Subsequently, in 1997, they worked on the thriller ThePeacemaker starring George Cloney and Nicole Kidman; he thereupon co-produced the documentary American Casino with Leslie.

Andrew Cockburn

Among his books we can mention,  The Threat in 1982; Rumsfeld in 2007; Kill Chain- The Rise of the High-TechAssassinss in 2015. Andrew is nowadays an editor for Harper’s Magazine.